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Brian Temba is a musician, singer, songwriter and actor, originally from Soshanguve, North of Pretoria in South Africa. He began his music career as a backing vocalist for different artists including, Hugh Masekela, Jonathan Butler, Vicky Vilakazi. He was part of trailblazing groups such as Joyous Celebration, Family Factory and IV U (For You).

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What is Brian temba doing now

Brian Temba is Celebrating 22 Years in the Music Industry. Brian has not only owned the right to be called the Patriot of R&B Music in SA but also one of the people that stuck to R&B when many artists who belonged to the R&B Genre, fell off the band-wagon along the way, but he is and has always called himself an R&B artist and it does not seem that anything will be changing anytime soon.

Brian Features on a lot of House Music songs and undoubtedly brings his R&B flavor to everything he features on. Known songs like “All I am” by Sir LSG, “Tipsy” By DJ Miza, “Come Join In”&“Take My Hand” By international DJ Simbad, and “Never Thought” By Chymamusique, Man Of Summer, by London DJ, QB Smith, and Recently, “Higher Place”, by DJ Miza. Brian is currently working with new exciting artists, Like Ngwato Mapalakanye, who is a house Guitarist, who released the Hit, “All I Need”, in 2019. Recently Brian has also worked in the Gospel industry, featuring on Songs with Talented Artists Like Nigerian Born Singer, “Yvonne May” on a song called “I Carry You”(2019), and recently released his own Gospel song Partnering Favour NT Entertainment , an uplifting song Called, “The Love Song”, Featuring Rapper, Motlabi (2020). Brian Temba is Working on his 4th Studio Album Titled, “It’s All You”, A sound that is reminiscent of Motown R&B Sounds with a South African Flavor, Due To be released early October 2021.

With all the experience of 22 Years and being around big Movie music scorers Like Hans Zimmer and Lebo M, Brian has had a dream to venture into the movie scoring business, and as a result, he has been approached by movie makers, for him to score and produce music for multiple movies. He recently worked on a movie by Kagiso Modupe named “Losing Lerato”, and as a result became an International Award winner for Best Original Score in a Film, at the Idly Wild Film Festival in California in 2020.

Brian Always wants to show appreciation to everyone that has been involved in his music journey, loyal fans both nationally and internationally, media houses and radio stations that have always played his Music.

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    UnABC Deluxe
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    AJ8ONE Productions


something better
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2010 SAMA
Best R&B Album
2014 metro fm awards
Best R&B Song
2020 Idly Film Festival (USA)
Best Original Score in a Film (Losing Lerato)

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